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Euroscope voice, FSD and Roger Wilco

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  • Euroscope voice, FSD and Roger Wilco

    We use an FSD server for our group and it works great allowing the various different simulators to connect.

    For ATC I use Euroscope which also works great.
    For voice we use Discord but I would like to try use the inbuilt voice system of Euroscope to minimise what apps I have open.
    Euroscope would then allow for a channel switch when pilots change frequency adding realism.

    I already have a default Roger Wilco base station running on one of my Linux boxes.
    I can connect to it with the roger wilco client and it works.
    Other people outside of my network can also connect to the RW server with the client and it works.

    However if I connect to it with Euroscope although ES shows up in the connected clients list in my RW client, I can not transmit voice to a roger wilco client with ES.
    The ES headset does however light up to say that I am transmitting.

    And I am only able to hear voice in ES sent by a RW client if I have connected the RW client internally to my internal server address.

    I am thinking it is either a port issue (although I have pointed 3782 and 3783 UDP and TCP towards the RW server) or that Euroscope is expecting somekind of packet from the FSD server to say "yes allow voice".
    As ES is built for Vatsim I would imagine that's what the Vatsim FSD servers might send?

    Has anybody else tried to connect ES to a standard RW server?

    Were you successful?
    Is there something I could add to the FSD server to allow ES voice?

    Any pointers appreciated.
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    I'm assuming that this is something that others haven't tried to do then?