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  • website unavailable

    Hi James.
    I can't seem to be able to connect to the normal website (and it's sub I've noticed it for a few days now so I was wondering if your performing an update or that something else is wrong.

    I need to get access to the downloads just te be sure to pick up the latest versions of the fsd servers and fsdbase.

    This because I've build finally a ubuntu server (with 14.04) and need to compile the fsd server for it and want to use the latest version possible.

    Can you help me with either upping the website or perhaps make the downloads available here ?
    Thanks in advance for your great work on the projects.

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    downloads and the website not there to for me. also. i have not heard anything about when it be back up.


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      Added The files


      I too have noticed that the downloads section are not working at the minute however I have got a copy of the most recent FSDbase and FSD that I have uploaded to Dropbox allowing you to download.

      FSDbase is located here

      FSD Server is located here

      Hope this helps whilst problems are being sorted

      anything else required please ask

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        I am looking for FSDbase and FSD server does anyone. still have it both links above getting 404 errors
        and how to install them both. what is need to install them
        my server hard drive went out and lost everything.