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    has anyone talked to Larry lately if he
    going bring back up the downloads
    i have not heard anything in a long time. wondering if,
    its ever come back up.
    i would like to see FSINN to continue to be updated where it work with
    P3d, FSX Steam and xplane.

    not sure if there going to be anymore support. not sure if Larry is done
    with it or if his going come back. and update it.
    some of us don't use vatsim we have our own fsd server and few our members use FSX SE and p3d. the problem is the new sim-connect and the version check for fsinn if that could be fixed and the sim-connect fixed this be great if this could happen.

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    I had some problems with the new forum software. I spent a lot of time with the upgrade and configuration. I'll work this weekend on other parts of the site, namely the download section. I'll update this thread when it's done.

    -- L. James

    L. D. James


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      thank you Mr Larry for all you do.


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        Just wondering (and I don't mean to pester) but do you have any timeframe for when the download section will likely be back up and running, if it's not going to be soon could you perhaps send me an email with the latest version of fsd for ubuntu and also fsdbase?