From the Microsoft Outlook Bar, click on Tools --> Account Settings --> (Select) E-Mail -> (Click) New -> Next -> (Check) Manually configure server settings -> Next (Tick) Internet E-mail ->

Fill out the personal information
Your name Your fullname
User ID First part of email address (before the @ symbol)
E-mail add Your email address
Account Type Imap
Incomming Server
Outgoing server

-> (click) More Settings -> (tick) Purge items when switching -> (click) Outgoing Server -> (check) My outgoing server requires authentication -> (tick) Use same settings as my incoming mail server -> (click) OK -> Next -> Finish -> Close


That’s all that is necessary. To expedite the loading time (especially if you have mail folders saved) do the following from the main Outlook screen.

Click on Tools -> Options -> Mail Setup -> Send Receive -> (Double Click) All Accounts -> (For each of the accounts remove the check mark from the “Include the selected account in this group” item.) -> OK -> Close -> OK

Note (the ports are):
Imap: 143
Smtp (outgoing): 587
-- L. James

L. D. James