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  • Windows XP welcome screen

    When you first log on the "Welcome screen" appears where you enter your password. The first screen that appears when you log onto Windows XP. The Welcome page lists the holders of all user accounts.

    There is a little link below saying you have unread mail. There was unread mail, but that unread mail was automatically deleted before opening the mail. However, the link keeps showing it unread on the welcome screen. How do i get that to go away? I went into internet options and cleared cookies, files, and history but didn't help its still there! What do i do now?


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    RE: Windows XP welcome screen

    It's most likely getting the count from Microsoft Outlook. There are two areas for mail in Outlook. One of them is the IMAP Inbox, which can't change unless you log into it. There's a chance if you log into it and allow the IMAP account to see there isn't new mail, that status will go.

    It also might be checking the Inbox of Outlook's personal folders. This is an area where the system sends system messages. You might delete (or move) any messages that might be in that area also.

    I'm sure if you looked into those two areas, the status would change.

    -- L. James

    L. D. James